21 September 08

The New York Bag

The New York

I’ve finally photoshopped my way to adding another new bag to Ye Olde Shoppe. The New York bag is now for sale. It’s made from some fabulous home decorator weight black fabric that has just enough texture to keep it from being boring and make it extra sturdy, but not so much that it can’t be paired with a dressier or more professional outfit. The fabric and rings were purchased on trips to New York City and the prototype suited me very well on a trip to New York last spring. But I fine-tuned the design for my friends Lauren and Veronica and am now happy to be able to share the bag with you.

If you prefer, you can order this bag directly through this post as well. The nice thing about ordering from here you can decide whether your purse straps are short, medium, or long.

Strap Length

16 September 08

Lil' Circles Bag for Sale

Lil' Circles

Lil’ Circles Bag now for sale.

There is still some bag making going on over here. I actually have quite a few bags to upload to the shop. And tomorrow night I get to go to Northbrook, IL to the UPS depot to pick up a birthday present that was bought by the coolest woman I know who isn’t my mom. (The gift actually arrived a long time ago, but a snafu in delivery resulted in some breakage which required an exchange complete with expected shipping snafus. Thanks for knowing when my birthday was Murphy. You’re awesome.)

This incredibly thoughtful gift will make adding items to my shop so much easier. It will make the pictures so much better. And it will result in a much larger shop. Which works for you, too, really.

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03 September 08

Boy BFF Bag

The Boy BFF Bag

This bag is currently for sale.
Or you can order it directly from this post through Paypal. By ordering it through this site you can specify the strap length you wish.

Strap Length

After making an explosion of pink fabric dots turn into a schoolbag, I felt the need to soothe my eyes with something more calming. I was also reminded that I did in fact know a young boy headed to kindergarten. Ella’s Boy BFF is starting kindergarten on the same day she is, and since I’ve been fortunate enough to meet his very, very cool parents and wickedly sassy sis, I knew I would likely have someone else who would be interested in having a new schoolbag.

Ella came by so I could measure her strap and make sure it fit well. I mentioned that I was considering making a bag for him. “He likes blue,” was her instant response. “Dark blue, light blue, purple that is almost blue, but mostly just plain blue. Do you want me to pick out the fabric for him?” (Girlfriend just doesn’t hesitate when it comes to the gift giving for herself or someone she cares about, lemmetellya.)

I agreed that her design consultancy would be helpful, and she agreed to help me pull fabric out to look at. Just as I was starting to realize how my fabric color palette pointed away from boy-friendly colors, Ella made the astute realization with me. “You make a lot of bags for girls and women. Have you ever made a bag for a boy?”

“Well, I’m making a bag for Naz and I made one for Andrew and a few other guys we know.”

“Yeah, but they’re not boys. They’re grown-ups. They don’t count.”

And indeed, she is right.

Well, I said, I do have this fabric that is waterproof and blue. I really like it. Let me know what you think of it. I pulled out the fabric shown in the picture above on a roll.

“Hmm. I’m not sure. It looks, kinda, I dunno”, and then she shrugged her shoulders. I unrolled it a bit and she held it between her hands. “Oh, but it feels smooth. It feels good.”

“Well, its cotton fabric, like yours, but the fabric was soaked in wax so it makes it smooth and it makes it kinda waterproof.”

“So if he drops the bag and it gets in a puddle it won’t get wet?”

“Well, the bag will get wet, but hopefully the stuff in his bag will stay dry. And all he’ll have to do is wipe it off if he spills something on it.”

“Hmm. You know, I think this has to be the bag. Cause boys get dirty and he’s going to be with a lot of boys at school. Yep, I think I like this. But what color will his strap be?”

I didn’t have anything in stock that was suitable so I explained that I could make a strap out of the fabric used in the bag as well. She liked the idea because then the fabric would match the bag exactly. “Are you going to give him a zipper, too?”

“Yeah, I said. He’ll need some place to put his lunch money.”

“Oh, okay. Cause I’m going to put my lip stuff in my pocket, but he doesn’t wear lip stuff. But he might get money and if its zipped he won’t lose it.”

And then we debated gold snap or silver snap and decided on silver. Whew. Designing with five-year-olds is exhausting.

02 September 08

Ella's School Bag

Elizabeth's School Satchel

So of course I had to make a bag for my favorite kindergartner. If you’ve heard me talk about The Cutest Little Girl In The World™, then you probably know that I mean Ella, aka Elizabeth, aka the daugher of the coolest woman ever (and her pa ain’t to bad neither).

Since Ella and Isabelle were born days apart, I decided to give them both the same set of fabrics to view to pick what they wanted. I wanted to see how these two Leos would go about their decision-making process. Isabelle apparently regaled her mother with an intense hour-long discussion about the merits of each fabric. Elizabeth came by the Poise.cc Studios for an afternoon and I started pulling fabrics out for her to view. I only got a few fabrics on the cutting table before she said “That one! The pink one! That’s the one I want.”

“Oh,” I said. “Well, if you want pink, let me show you some of the other fabrics that are pink or have pink in them.”
“Nope. I want that one,” she said. And when I tried to push her to consider others, she became indignant, “Cinnamon, I KNOW what I like.”

“Okay,” I said. “We still need to pick out a fabric for the inside then. Let me show you a few. I pulled out one pink fabric with circles on it.

“Yep. That matches. That’s it.”

“Well, wouldn’t you like to have maybe a fabric that has some green in it to match the green dots? Or some white and pink.”

“Cinnamon, this bag has dots on the outside, I want dots on the inside. I want it all pink.”

The purse designer abides the determined client. Tis the rules. I knew that I still need purse strap material. My strap order was on back order (hot pink strapping, to make it all pink) and I knew that wouldn’t do, so I headed off to Vogue Fabrics in Evanston and found this great strapping. Unfortunately they only had enough for one bag, so I won’t be able to make more of this bag until the pink webbing arrives. But I think Ella is totally okay having a one-of-a-kind bag. Totally okay with it.

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