06 August 09

Be Kind: No Exceptions

This may come as a surprise to some of you. Or, you may all know me better than I know myself and find it silly that I think this little admission is news.

I have a mean streak. Not a violent streak. Well, not unless you count me picturing my world in comic book form complete with “Pow” bubbles coming out of people’s jaws. And I don’t like to hurt people. But I have a tendency to think mean thoughts (shocking! right? being human and all, eh?) and I have a tendency to spout off and say things that hurt people’s feelings and then I feel wickedly guilty.

But, on the other hand, I hate seeing injustice and I love little random acts of kindness. I remember one time in college going to my bike after a long day and someone had put a pink carnation in my hand brake. It was awesome and it made me smile and it made a crappy day not so bad and I remember it 15 years later.

Which is why Secret Agent L is making me happy. Really happy. I think I may honestly try to figure out something nice to do on a small scale like this. I really like the idea of having people find a random gift you’ve left them.

And the best part is that she puts her own little stickers on things to encourage people to take things. It just makes me smile to think about what she’s doing. And I may have to try to remember to do things like this once in a while.

Thanks for making me smile, Secret Agent L.

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29 June 09

sorry . . . you knitted what?

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08 April 09

Presence of mind

I can only hope that when I’m confronted with an earthquake that has me trapped under my home, that I have the presence of mind that this 98-year-old woman had. She literally sat crocheting while her town collapsed. She’s one of my new heroes.


14 March 09

Do It Your Own D*mn Self Show

The Chicago Craft Mafia is hosting a new kind of craft show. During a recent meeting we were talking about how we all have supplies, tools, and books that we just are never going to use. And there’s nothing wrong with them, but we regretted that we just didn’t know anyone who needs what we have so we ended up storing things that we just don’t need. This conversation led to the realization that if we have these extra supplies, then it is likely that other crafters have extra supplies, too. So wouldn’t it be great to get all those crafters and their extra supplies into one room and do a craft supply sale? We all agreed that it would be so we planned the Do It Your Own D*mn Self Show.

On March 28th from 12pm to 4pm we’ll be having this inaugural supplies-only sale at Pulaski Park Fieldhouse (1419 W. Blackhawk). Admission is free, deals will be wild, and the supplies will be fantastic! There are still a few spaces left, too. So if you’ve got a closet full of stuff you’ve been wanting to release into the crafty wild, apply to join.


14 March 09

Resources to help your crafty business

I’m very, very, very fortunate to have the fantastic women of the Chicago Craft Mafia to help me with every business issue that arises in my life. They’re all amazing and inspiring women and I couldn’t be happier that I get to see them and learn from their generosity.

Rebeca Mojica of Blue Buddha Boutique is a fabulously organized and generous woman. She’s so willing to share some great business knowledge that she wrote a piece for her website recently sharing some resources for crafty business owners and I have to agree with almost all of them. The ones that I can’t agree with are books that I haven’t read. So if you’re running or considering starting a small craft related business, check out her post. You’ll be glad you did.


12 March 09

There's something to be said for not being 25 anymore

Venus Magazine’s current issues gives some great shout-outs to some fantastic women who under 25-years-old. But thankfully they don’t leave us old fogey’s completely out of the mix. I’m happy to see my name beside Amy Carlton’s.

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03 March 09


Every time I swear I have a handle on the local craft scene, I end up realizing that I know so very little about what is going on and who is making it happen. Thankfully, Christine Renee of Re-Conceived.com and maker of the Zombie Escape Plan has created Chicago Crafty, where she’ll put up links to all the local makers, shows, boutiques that sell locally-made goods, art exhibits, calls for action, opportunities, networks, and oh my word! so much more. It’s only been up a short time and it’s chock-full of fantastic info already.

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18 February 09

Pins in mah mouf

Pins in mah mouf

I was sewing recently and realized that I was putting the pins in my mouth instead of in the magnetic pin "cushion" that was sitting closer to my hand than my mouth was. I don’t know if I do this a lot and just don’t realize it. I think its one of those automatic things that I do without thinking. But realizing that I quite literally had a mouth ful of pins made me think about my mom and how she would always stick pins in her mouth instead of in the pincushion. I loved watching her do it. I loved how she could talk out of half of her mouth without dropping a single pin. I loved how she looked so focused and determined when she sewed. I remember wanting to be just like her when I grew up. In this small way, I guess I am.


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