09 June 09

Brown and Blue Patterned Tote Bag

Dots and Herringbone

Since I’m riding high from meeting my first deadline, I decided to get to editing some of the pictures of bags I took recently. I purchased an inexpensive light kit and I have to say that while I think I need to spend some more time figuring out the perfect lighting setup and exposure, I really wish I’d made the purchase years ago.

It was so much easier to edit these images than it has been to edit any of the other images I’ve taken. And while I was worried that the light would flatten out the texture and just look blah, I realize that quite the opposite was true. So big thanks and kudos to Veronica for prompting me a year ago to realize how much I needed this. And I also need to give a big hearty thank you to to Central Camera Company for giving me a great deal, explaining what I needed to know about bulbs, and talking me into the diffusion filtes for the lights. And I think I see a reflective umbrella in my future. Woot!

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07 April 09

Geometric Messenger Bag

Geometric Messenger Bag Front

This bag is the same size as the Hip Professor Messenger Bag, but it uses a new geometric print. Thanks to user-generated feedback, the construction of this bag is improved to make the bag more durable, rip-resistant, and secure. The ipod pocket fits your ipod and your headphones, the two other pockets on the bag can hold your notebook, date book, pens, cell phone, pocket camera, or anything else you need to access quickly. There is a pocket on the side of the bag for holding your keys as well as a pocket on the back of the bag for storing items you need to access quickly (like a map or a magazine). The inside of the bag is large and roomy enough for a MacBook in a sleeve, your legal-size folders and notebooks, books, a change of clothes, your lunch, or just about anything else you’d need to carry in a day bag. The velcro is adjustable so the bag stays closed even if you have it stuffed to bulging. The nylon webbing is soft and intended to not cause undue wear on the shoulder of your shirts or jackets. And it looks great, too. Just like you.

Bag measurements
Width= 14”
Height= 11”
Depth= 4.5”
Strap is suitable for anyone 5’-5’10” tall.

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29 December 08

Mary's Classic Wool Bag

I’ve had this idea kicking around in my head for quite a while (there’s bunch more where this came from) and I finally got the time and the impetus to turn it into a bag. The impetus goes by the name Mary. I met her online through Veronica (who I swear knows at least 25% of the women on the internet), and we chatted a little by email about what type of bag she would use, favorite colors, shape, usage, etc. She was a great client. She answered my questions honestly and after having given it some thought. And she was very agreeable to my ideas (totally like a Project Runway challenge, yo!) and offered a few that really helped me pull through to get something I would be happy with.

So I finished up the bag, packaged it up, shipped it off, and (as I always do) bit my fingernails until I got the “Yay! I got it! I love it!” email. And now that Mary has had the opportunity to use it a few times, and I’m delighted to brag that she’s gotten a few compliments, I’m ready to make it available for sale on Etsy. There’s only one more available, but this shape will be showing up in some other great fabrics very soon. evil laugh

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16 September 08

Lil' Circles Bag for Sale

Lil' Circles

Lil’ Circles Bag now for sale.

There is still some bag making going on over here. I actually have quite a few bags to upload to the shop. And tomorrow night I get to go to Northbrook, IL to the UPS depot to pick up a birthday present that was bought by the coolest woman I know who isn’t my mom. (The gift actually arrived a long time ago, but a snafu in delivery resulted in some breakage which required an exchange complete with expected shipping snafus. Thanks for knowing when my birthday was Murphy. You’re awesome.)

This incredibly thoughtful gift will make adding items to my shop so much easier. It will make the pictures so much better. And it will result in a much larger shop. Which works for you, too, really.

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01 September 08

The Isabelle School Bag

Isabelle's School Satchel

Not only is this bag good for stylish and precocious 5-year-olds, it could also be good for you, too. If you think so, then head on over to The Shoppe and make a purchase.

This will be a fairly limited run, solely because the fabric is vintage and once its gone, its gone.

Here is the official description and story behind the bag:
What happens when you give a very stylish five-year-old access to your entire fabric stash? She picks out the 100-year-old crushed velvet made from a small textile company in Ohio that you bought at a flea market. And I’m glad she did. I’d been meaning to make something but wasn’t sure what. With the help of Isabelle, I created this bag for her to carry her crayons, paste, and construction paper to school. But it is such a stylish bag that I think you’ll like it too. This cotton velvet patterned fabric combines a rich blue and gray to show of the thickly napped fabric. The lining is solid gray, the webbing is solid silver, and the hardware is powder-coated charcoal gray metal. One silver magnetic snap is used to keep the flap closed. Inside the bag is a 7“x5” zippered pocket that will keep a few things safe and easy to grab. The overall bag dimensions are 12” wide x 12” high x 3” deep. The strap is adjustable and you’ll be asked if you’re short, average, or tall once the order is placed. The bag can be brushed clean or dry cleaned. It is lightly interfaced so it will keep its shape while hanging on the body, but it will not stand up on its own.

The price is $50 ($4.50 for shipping, tax if you’re in Illinois).