14 April 15

Old School Bloggers

I started keeping a personal blog in July of 2001. That’s almost 14 years ago. And I’ve barely written the last couple of years, and slowed down significantly several years ago. But I’ve been thinking about why that was. And there are a variety of reasons, which may only be interested to people who have gone through this process themselves, but may be interesting to people who are still blogging who were blogging years ago, or maybe even to people who think about blogging. I don’t think my experience or thoughts on this are unique. But I do have them. So here are some of the reasons why I slowed down and mostly stopped writing:


  1. In addition to what you listed above, I have found a few more factors have driven me into quiet. About the same time as the decline in daily blogging, which for me came in early 2011, my career pivoted and my family got nosy due to their getting online more with iPad type objects.

    Now, I am very reluctant to post up more than an occasional impersonal post and lots of photos. Deep in my heart, I would love to blog and tweet every day, but the amount of push back I get from various factions is not worth it right now.

    Ms. Jen on Apr 19, 08:22 pm

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