21 July 13

A new custom bag

New Custom Bag for LC

A lovely woman with the initials LC requested that I consider making a custom bag for her last Christmas. As we began to talk about what her needs were for a bag and what she liked and what she didn’t like, I became intimidated. For two reasons.

New Custom Bag for LC

1— She is incredibly hard on bags. In the 7 months between when she asked for a bag and when I delivered one to her, I think she went through 3 bags. Thankfully none of them were terribly expensive, but when you pride yourself on your construction, finding out that someone harder than bags than you wants you to make one that will last a long time is a bit scary.

New Custom Bag for LC

2— She’s a stylish woman with a very preppy meets punk meets modern fashion sensibility. Yes, I know it is hard to get all 3 of those to merge together into one cohesive style, but somehow she does it easily. It took quite a while to figure out how to merge them into one style.

New Custom Bag for LC

I think this bag is a bit more preppy meets modern and not quite as much punk rock as I had hoped, but I think this bag looks great, contains a multiple of functions, and is sturdy and reliable. For at least an average user. I’ll see how it holds up to someone who is, what software specialists might call, and “advanced” user.

New Custom Bag for LC

I have provided this bag to her. She will use it for a few more weeks. Then I will get to see the bag again and once I’ve seen how it looks after a month in use, I’ll hopefully figure out where the construction flaws are and be able to make a new bag with any issues fixed and provide that one for sale on my website. Stay tuned. If you’re interested, leave a comment and I’ll let you know when it is ready for sale.

New Custom Bag for LC

Oh, and I need a name for the bag. Any suggestions are welcome. I’m stumped with this one.


  1. I like how the seams look like sun rays – so I would look for a name about the rays of light, even though it’s black as night… Night Rays? (no, that’s a horrible name).

    It also brings to mind a Frank Lloyd Wright stained glass, so maybe Tree of Life or Tall Prairie?

    — Leah on Jul 22, 08:56 am

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