04 January 13

New Year's Resolution: Express ALL the Rage

I’m generally not a very angry person. I get angry. I express it in my own muted and reserved way, but I’m not all THAT angry. I’m generally happy about that, in no small part because of the “angry feminist” stereotype that gets projected onto me and I like dispelling that.

But I’m kinda angry. This year hasn’t started off well for women. There is the story of the woman and her friend who got onto what looked like a city bus but where her friend was knocked unconscious and she was raped for hours while the bus drove around town. The rape happened in India, but she died in a hospital in Singapore.

Then there is the story, uncovered by Anonymous (a group of online hackers), about a teenager who was raped repeatedly by several members of a Steubenville, Ohio high school. Her attacks were filmed, posted online, talked about in online videos, tweeted about, bragged about, and more. I honestly can’t stomach reading all there is to read about the story. I’ve BEEN there. I’ve got family that LIVED there. And the police are covering it up. The Prosecutor is the mother of one of the young men who is being accused of being involved. The coach of the football team sure seems to know more than he’s sharing. But despite all the evidence the story is being investigated by online geeks and seemingly not by the local police, or the semi-local police

Then there is the Violence Against Women Act. You’d think people would be able to say “Violence against women is wrong, I’m okay with their being an act that helps women get out of abusive relationships and provides funds for investigation and prosecution of people who abuse women.” But several members of the GOP decided they had problems with the rights being extended to immigrant women (cause we don’t want immigrant women, legal or non-legal, to be able to press charges against non-immigrant men)*, with the rights being extended to LGBT women (because if we say that their relationships are equal when it comes to abuse then they’ll want to get married legally and stuff)*, and to Native American women on reservations (because it should be okay for men who don’t live on reservations to abuse women who do live on reservations)*.

And then today, someone posts a pledge to ask tech-dudes to agree to not join a panel if there are no women on the panel. And the tech-dudes I know and respect are all “Hey, sure. I can do this.” And then some jag-off who has written books with horrible cover art says that he doesn’t even want to look at anyone who would do something so “stupid” as to not join a panel because it’s all-dude. Seriously? And to state that publicly? Well, not that I’m planning a tech-conference anytime soon, but if I did he wouldn’t get invited, let alone allowed to speak.

So, I’m angry. And I’ve done no justice to any of the serious issues I’ve raised above. Not a drop. But they’ve all made me angry. Like sick to my stomach and unable to take deep breaths angry. Like get up from the computer and storm away to make another cup of tea angry. Screw up and sew all my fabric together backwards angry. Rage—I haz it!

So watch out. Seriously. Cause if I’m angry enough to read a 19-page Congressional Research Service report, then you know I’m fired up.**

*Oversimplified, snarky, and not-entirely-true. But I’m proving anger here. If you don’t like what I’m saying then go read stuff somewhere else.

**Being angry never feels good to me. I don’t like the physical effects it has on me. But I’m angered and I gotta let it out. That’s why people blog, right?


  1. 2013…the year of rage! Cause, yeah, it ain’t starting out all unicorns & cupcakes.

    veronica on Jan 4, 10:14 pm

  2. gaaaaahhhhhhhhh

    carolyn on Jan 5, 08:22 am

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