08 February 12

Things I learned while making Kimchi Chigae

1. It is pronounced chee-gay, not chih-guy.
2. Kimchi juice is a great liquid for deglazing a pan.
3. People either love kimchi, hate it because they’ve tried and and don’t like it, or are afraid of it because it is weird. There are too many people who need to get over “weird”. Seriously. A peanut-butter and jelly sandwich is completely bonkers to a huge part of the world. Weird is relative.
4. This soup is totally perfect for: a) folks who are catching or getting over a cold; b) folks who are drunk
5. I know a lot more people who won’t eat shellfish or pork than I realized.
6. This soup is awesome and needs to be made frequently during this time of year.


  1. I’m afraid of it because of THE SMELL. Not because it’s weird. IT SMELLS.

    I will eat all the pork. And most of the shellfish. Just not as much shellfish as pork. In a general serving. If both are available at the same time.

    carolyn on Feb 9, 02:46 pm

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