04 January 12

This Year's Non-Profit Selection

Creating a business has always had a non-profit fund-raising element as part of it for me. If it weren’t for wanting to donate more money to organizations I supported and believed in, I never would have started making bags. Over the 8 years I’ve run Poise.cc as a legal business, I’ve devised a variety of ways to raise money.

I’ve linked specific bags with a non-profit so that every time I sold a bag money was donated to a specific organization.

I’ve donated hundreds of bags over the last 8 years to various non-profit organizations to use as raffle or silent-auction items.

I’ve picked a different non-profit each month and donated a percentage of total sales to that organization.

I’ve done special sales where every bag sold during a given time raised money for a specific organization.

I’m still going to be making and donating bags for non-profit organizations to use as raffle or silent auction or even donor promos. If you run a non-profit and need an item, just send me an email. I’ve yet to be asked by an organization for a donation that I won’t support.

However, I decided that I would pick six of the various organizations I wanted to support this year and would set aside a portion of the purchase price from each bag and then on a quarterly basis I would figure out my donations, divide by six, and send a check off to each organization. (If I have a quarter where donations are less than $25 per org, I will wait till the next quarter to send a check. It often costs organizations more to process small donations than they get back.)

And I do mean each bag I sell. Every bag I sell online, at a craft show, via a consignment, a custom order, or even wholesale. Each bag results in a donation to an organization I feel strongly about.

So, because I’m an over-achiever, I actually have seven organizations I want to support this year. Another one came to mind as I was creating the list and I just couldn’t take it off.

They are:
Chicago’s Read/Write Library
Women In Media & News: WIMN
Chicago Abortion Fund: CAF
Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation: CAASE
Apna Ghar
Dachsund Rescue of North America

I will be writing more about each organization over the course of this month and explaining why I like each of these groups and why I think they deserve my money.


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