04 December 11

Proof of Carry

I began making custom bags for the Letter Writers Alliance earlier this year. The bags have been far more successful than I imagined, and probably more successful than Kathy and Donovan expected. I’ve made three bags for the group of 2000+ members to purchase and am delighted to be talking about how to revise, adjust, tweak for future makings.

But I was even more delighted recently when Donovan posted sketches of the bags I’ve made and included a list of everything she carries in each one. To see a bag I’ve made in use is a great thrill, but to get such an intimate peek at every item that goes into it is a delight.

There were three bags I have made for them. The first bag I created was a large messenger bag that is able to carry quite a lot. The bag as Kathy photographed it is:
messenger bag

The contents of what Donovan carries are here.
messenger bag

The second bag was the pencil pouch:
Pencil Pouch: Front

Which Donovan is able to fit quite a bit more into.
messenger bag

And the most recent bag is a document pouch:
Letter Writers Alliance: Document pouch

That can safely and securely carry quite a bit as well.
messenger bag

Collaborating with these women has been great in so many ways. They’ve been inspiring, encouraging, patient, and kind. I can’t thank them enough for the chance to work with them and get to meet some of their members. And while I love getting a friendly and flattering thank-you email, getting a friendly and flattering thank you letter is a true to delight to hold.


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