27 April 10

The Liberty Waxed Canvas Bag in Burgundy


This bag is now available for sale on Etsy or you can click the Buy Now button below. The price going forward will be $100. It’s the most expensive bag I’ve sold that isn’t custom, but the materials used in the bag are more expensive and the construction is more complicated and requires more time to construct.

I’m particularly happy with the new pocket flap design and the closure that makes the bag adjustable. The pockets can be opened and closed with one hand. The tongue and groove closure will keep the contents secure if the bag tips over or you place it on it’s side. However, the lack of hardware means that the bag is lighter and the pockets can be overstuffed a bit.

And speaking of overstuffing, the magnetic closure is now adjustable and constructed differently than it was previously. This makes it possible to overstuff the bag a bit. And the raised design means it is easier to sanp and unsnap the closure with one hand. Cause not only do we like lotsa pockets here at Poise.cc, but we also like convenience and multi-tasking. Oh, yes we do.


  1. this is such a sexy bag.

    leo on Apr 29, 09:45 pm

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