19 April 10

Matchy Matchy

The Lauren Custom Bag: Front

About a month ago, I made this bag for Lauren of The Hungry Knitter. We did a trade where she got this bag and I got this hat:

I think I got the better deal, but that’s probably because I’m more likely to make myself a bag than I am to make myself a hat.

But, because Lauren is Totes Awesome, and has such an intense fascination with a particular pattern type, she took this picture of herself with her bag and it made me laugh out loud.

I love having coordinated clients.


  1. Oh I didn’t even tell you – when Dee and I were leaving Carolyn’s yesterday we saw a woman walking down Broadway wearing the same exact hoodie! Not really a huge shocker since it’s from target and all, but still, I’ve never seen it on anyone else before!

    leo on Apr 19, 04:53 pm

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