05 April 10

Hawaiian Barkcloth Bag

Front of the bag

Someone I know went to Hawaii and brought me back a few yards of some great vintage Hawaiian bark cloth. I had to make it into bags. And then my friend (my fantastic friend) Amy went and had a birthday party and I wanted to give her something handmade, cause I knew she would appreciate it far more than anything I could get her at a mall. (One of the many reasons why she is fantastic.) And she’d mentioned that she wanted a lighter bag to carry around for commuting purposes. I knew she was experimenting with color (normally she’s a monotone pallette lady, which is totally fine, but I encourage experimenting with color) and I knew she’d had a great time in Hawaii last summer so as I was going through a fabric stash I saw this barkcloth and instantly thought of her and whipped up this bag. And since I thought it was so great, I decided I had to make another one so someone else could be as cool as Amy. Well, or at least try to be as cool as her. ;)

So I made an extra bag and I am offering it for sale on my Etsy shop.


  1. Lady, you spoil me! How did I get so lucky to have such an awesome friend?

    amyc on Apr 6, 05:59 am

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