29 March 10

Diversity in Design

There have been occasional discussions over the past few years online about how only white designers, crafters, artists, etc. get noticed. And it’s a mostly true criticism. There are some great designers who are not who deserve coverage and who deserve credit.

A little over a month ago, Tina Shoulders of Laidback Home started a series called 28 Days of Diversity. She created 28 posts, describing one designer in each, and showing a few images of things they’d created. it’s a fantastic series and I wished I’d followed from Day One but was glad to be able to go back to get caught up.

Even if you aren’t interested in the politics of race in relation to design, you’ll want to check these designers out. They all deserve credit in their respective fields and they’ve all created things that are beautiful, innovative, creative, and deserving of praise. Huge thanks to Tina Shoulders for giving them that praise and doing it in a way that we can also follow along to support them. Or create a list of dream future purchases.


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