14 February 10


Successful poached eggs

Every once in a while I decide to try doing something that has seemed BIG and SCARY and totally out of my realm of abilities. And sometimes I fail so miserably that I never mention it again.

Tonight, however, tonight I succeeded with such amazing and total WIN that I had to share. I poached eggs. Successfully. On my first try! Take that Julia Child!

Now, it’s not like I came up with all the skills on my own, I had the internet to thank. But oh my word I’m so happy that I managed to poach 4 delicious eggs on my first try. So happy that I still have the taste of them in my mouth and yet I’m rushing to upload a picture and share it with you.

Awesomenss of a poached egg

The rest of the stuff under the egg looks less than tasty, but it was freakishly good. We had french fries that Andrew had left over from a visit to Five Guys (and this was only half of his leftovers!!!) and I’d put them in the freezer until I had time to make hash. So I pulled them out and let them thaw a bit, then I chopped them up so they were a bit smaller. I then cooked a few pieces of bacon, removed it from the skillet, and threw in 1/2 of a tube of chorizo and the chopped fries. They cooked in the bacon fat. I chopped up the bacon, threw it back in the pan. Easy, quick, leftovers be gone!! and yes, I can feel my pants getting tired and my heart clogging up a bit, but it’s okay because I AM AWESOME and I poached eggs.

I poached 4 eggs and they came out great on my first try. This is going to be an awesome, awesome week.


  1. Please send them to my house now.

    alison on Feb 14, 10:15 pm

  2. Yes, you are most certainly awesome, love. :)

    Andrew on Feb 14, 10:16 pm

  3. Okay, so you’re an expert cook. Gourmet even. You’re so happy about successful poached eggs I must be doing it wrong, because I haven’t found them that difficult to make. Am I missing something?

    — Brenda on Feb 15, 06:40 am

  4. you can feel your pants getting “tired” ? hahahahaha. I know what you meant to type but that’s a hilarious typo!

    carolyn on Feb 15, 10:09 am

  5. Brenda: Cinnamon has these crazy ideas that certain things are hard! that she can’t do them! so she freaks out! and doesn’t do them! and when she finally does…turns out they’re easy. They were only hard in her mind.

    carolyn on Feb 15, 10:10 am

  6. Carolyn is right. I’ve heard from so many other people how hard it is to make poached eggs and how they ended up with egg soup or the eggs broke or they just came out rubbery, that I’d worked it up in my head to being an impossible thing to make. But thanks to a thermometer I got it to come out great.

    And I considered correcting the tired/tighter error. But it’s funny enough that I’m going to leave it as is. :)

    Cinnamon on Feb 15, 11:07 am

  7. are you kidding? the stuff on the bottom looks amazing! I think a poached egg is only as good as the stuff under it that absorbs it. Nice job! Be my wife?

    Zulkey on Feb 15, 12:08 pm

  8. I did the same thing last weekend! My first try and they came out perfectly. I couldn’t stop dancing around the kitchen, and the boyfriend thought I was nuts. I am, so it’s fine.

    Renai on Feb 16, 11:08 am

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