10 February 10

The Liberty Waxed Canvas Bag

The Liberty Bag

About a year ago I made a custom bag for a friend’s sister as a gift. I was happy with the bag, and she’s worn it non-stop for a year and aside from a little wear on the cotton lining, the bag seems to be holding up remarkably well. I decided to modify just a couple of things on the bag and make it available for general sale. I made the prototype from the new pattern, put it on Etsy and it sold within a few hours. I’d hoped it would sell, but I didn’t expect it to sell that quickly.

So I have several more cut out and I’ll be adjusting just a few things on the next bags I make. For example, the pockets on the front of the bag. I like these below, but I think if you’re someone who would carry around a lot of smaller items that are possibly expensive you may want a pocket that seals. However if you do carry a notebook and a Powerbook cord then these would be the perfect size for you.

The Liberty Bag

I still need to work out the details, but I’m thinking that a smaller flap with a closure is ideal. Zippers are nice but I’m not sure they create the look I’m after. I’ll likely end up making a flap with a magnetic snap to close it. It’s not the perfect solution that I’m looking for, but for now I think it will work.

I also need to work out the price on this. I want to keep it as affordable as possible. But the more pieces of hardware I add to the bag, the more expensive it becomes. And the magnetic snaps are the only non-American made materials I use in these bags so I’d like to keep the number that I use down. Until I can find an American supplier, I want to use as few as I can. If only I had the resources to know if the plant that made these snaps truly was sweatshop free.

And best of all, I think I’ve finally created a “man” bag. Finally!


  1. this is CUTE!

    leo on Feb 11, 10:04 am

  2. It was me!

    alison on Feb 11, 03:32 pm

  3. Love it. Vegan? Even though it’s a little bigger than what I use for a day-to-day bag it’s calling to me.

    I could see upwards-facing brass zippers on those outside pockets.

    (And I feel silly — I don’t know how I found your blog in the first place but it’s filed under “progressive” in my feed reader, and I didn’t know you made bags.)

    Rich Lafferty on Feb 13, 10:09 pm

  4. It is indeed vegan. Didn’t think to mention that. And I am definitely considering zippers for the interior pocket closures. As well as working on the details for a smaller bag. I’ll let you know when it’s ready.

    And I am quite flattered to be under “progressive” in your feed reader. :)

    Cinnamon on Feb 14, 11:30 am

  5. Very nice! I hope you’ll still offer the pockets option, as I think it would be great as a diaper bag as well. I’m currently looking for a good one and this one looks like it would be perfect.

    Alecia on Feb 16, 01:15 pm

  6. I WANT!
    I would take this everywhere.
    Excellent man bag.

    — Tony on Feb 18, 01:51 am

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