08 November 09

I'm sick

I’ve been pretty sick since Thursday, really. Trying to rally, to ignore it, to think it’ll all be over tomorrow. But it isn’t getting better. Mild fever, very achey, dry cough, mild congestion, complete lack of energy, did I mention the achey? I mean it hurts to blink. Like my eyelids hinges are rusty. My attention span is short, like 140 characters seems like a lot to read. In fact just writing this paragraph is exhausting.

But, when I’m better and feeling motivated, I want to look at this Frederick Herrschner Catalog from 1907 thoroughly. I love embroidery, even though I don’t do it often. It was the first craft that my mom taught me. Back stitch, running stitch fill stitch. She even made me practice rows of French knots until I got them right. I remember her saying “Not everything is easy. You just need a little patience. Try it again. You’ll get it.”

I think I need more tea.


  1. fever? Hello H1N1. :)

    Feel better, goofus.

    carolyn on Nov 8, 06:20 pm

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