22 October 09

The Everything Cast Iron Cookbook: Coming Soon

Everything Cast-Iron Cookbook by Cinnamon Cooper

(I wrote this several days ago and honestly thought I’d posted it. Silly pending button right next to the Live button.)

A little while ago I chewed on my thumbnail and opened an email from my editor at Adams Media Group. I wasn’t sure how bad the edits would, how harsh the criticism, how lacking my writing skills. I had nothing to worry about. My charming editor (who I truly hope to meet one day) wrote me a gentle set of edits that needed to be made and edits she made that she’d like me to approve or rewrite. I started out nervous and ended up grateful. So I lengthened my Introduction (those of you who know me know how odd it is that I had to lengthen something I wrote), added in a few missing elements, approved some reordering and other very obvious edits. And then I returned the manuscript to my editor who will pass it on to the next editor.

She will make new changes and either send the manuscript back to me for more edits, or she’ll send it to a copyeditor who will go through it with furious red track changes and let me know how inconsistent my writing style was. I know what many of my inconsistencies are. I see them of course now after the manuscript is completely out of my control for a while. Kinda like all those time you think of that great comeback the day after you needed it.

But I’ll have at least one more round of edits and I’ll view F&Gs (pub geek speak for “fold and gathers”, or printer proofs), and then I’ll get the final book. And it will have that cover on it. And I like the cover. I was worried I would hate it, but I like it.

In case you’re interested, the book is available for presale on Amazon.com and on IndieBound as well. The book won’t be for sale until June, but that means that I’ve got several months to get a website together (very, very basic website) and do some promo work. I want this book to be hugely popular. That way, when I’m ready to do another one . . .

Yes, I said when. And no I’m not sure what it will be. And I will waffle back and forth between “of course” and “no, never” several times I’m sure. But right now I’m feeling very “of course” about it all. We’ll see how long that feeling lasts.


  1. Woohoo! I’m so impressed, seeing your name on that cover. For ages, I’ve been meaning to get a cast-iron skillet. This gives me a kick in the pants to just do it already, so I’ll be ready for action when the book comes out.

    shokufeh on Oct 23, 08:52 a.m.

  2. ha.
    i can’t believe you were feeling “of course” when you wrote that post. as that certainly wasn’t your answer when we talked about it last week!!

    carolyn on Oct 23, 11:10 a.m.

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