16 August 09

Simple Human Cannister

For complete transparency:
I wrote on Twitter that I was looking for a new canister to hold flour and sugar on my countertop. A Simple Human staff member, who I was not following previously, saw my Tweet and suggested I consider this canister. I replied that I would like to see it in person before buying. She emailed me privately and said that Simple Human would be willing to send me a canister for free in exchange for me writing a review. I’ve not done many, or possibly any, reviews of items in exchange for receiving a free item. I explained that if I liked the item I would write a review on my website and if I didn’t like the item I would pass it on to someone else who may be more likely to like it and write a review.

On the left is the new canister from Simple Human and on the right is a vintage canister I purchased at a yard sale in 2000.
New on the left, old on the right

This is the list of items I wanted in a canister.
• I didn’t want round canisters, because flat-sided canisters would save space on the counter.
• I wanted a canister that would hold an entire bag of flour or sugar and then some. I knew I’d need a website or package that said so.
For size
Plenty of room for more
• I wanted something that was easy to open, preferably a lid that could be lifted with one finger since my hands may be messy.
• I needed a tight seal to protect against moisture.
• I wanted a handle on the front like my current version had so I could use it to pull it away from the wall for easier grasping. Or a larger handle that I could use to lift it and move it to a more convenient location for using.
• I wanted either a liner that was dishwasher safe, or the entire canister to be dishwasher safe.
The lining is dishwasher safe
• I didn’t want anything cutesy. I wasn’t stuck on stainless steel, but I wanted something that would match with my kitchen.
• I wanted something that wouldn’t scratch, dent, or rust easily.
• I wanted something that wouldn’t scratch my counter if I dragged it across the counter.
The no-scratch bottom
• I needed it to be less than 10” deep.
The box description

Thankfully this canister fit all of my needs. And it has a few extras:
• It came with a tag that I could write on. Or I could go to their website and use a template to print a tag to trim out and place in the little window on top of the canister.
• The outside looks like stainless steel, but it doesn’t show fingerprints at all. This is a huge extra in my mind.
• The push button opening will ensure that if my hands are already coated in flour and I just need a little extra, I can use my elbow even to open it up and get what I want.
The release button of the Simple Human canister
• There are a wide variety of sizes.

And of course there are some things that keep this from being perfect in my eyes:
• It isn’t cheap. This size canister is $49 each. I’ll happily purchase another one so I have the set I need. But I think I would have thought for a longer time and done some more looking before I paid $100 for a set of two. I was considering getting a smaller one for tea, but I may not do that quite yet. But if I do get something else, it will likely be this series.
• I wish it came in other styles and finishes. There are a lot of people who don’t have a stainless steel kitchen and minimal design sense. But I think Simple Human knows their target market well enough to know that they’d sell more in the single style than if they added more styles on.
• I wish there was a clear window to tell how full the canister is without opening it. I don’t bake frequently, so it’s nice to glance around my kitchen before I head out on a shopping run and know what I want/need before I leave the house.
• No spoon included. This isn’t something that I feel I actually need, but many other canisters came with a spoon that lived inside or outside. Definitely not a deal breaker for me, but could be an add-on at the time of purchase that many people might use.


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