09 June 09

Brown and Blue Patterned Tote Bag

Dots and Herringbone

Since I’m riding high from meeting my first deadline, I decided to get to editing some of the pictures of bags I took recently. I purchased an inexpensive light kit and I have to say that while I think I need to spend some more time figuring out the perfect lighting setup and exposure, I really wish I’d made the purchase years ago.

It was so much easier to edit these images than it has been to edit any of the other images I’ve taken. And while I was worried that the light would flatten out the texture and just look blah, I realize that quite the opposite was true. So big thanks and kudos to Veronica for prompting me a year ago to realize how much I needed this. And I also need to give a big hearty thank you to to Central Camera Company for giving me a great deal, explaining what I needed to know about bulbs, and talking me into the diffusion filtes for the lights. And I think I see a reflective umbrella in my future. Woot!


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