08 March 09

Studio Cherie: Carried Away Profile

Every once in a while I start to think that I should really just make a basic diaper bag. But then I start to think of all the things that probably go in a diaper bag (I say probably because I’ve never had to carry one) and get overwhelmed because I wonder things like “Do all portable baby wipes come in the same size dispenser?” “Are all baby bottles the same diameter?” “How many diapers would someone need to carry with them?” “How big should those changing pad thingies really be?”

Then today, while cruising through the
Carried Away Team Blog
I saw a fantastic diaper bag from Studio Cherie that seems to address some of my concerns and does it better than I could. There is a great pocket for holding wipes, the size is perfectly wide enough to hold what looks like the right amount of wipes and cloths and bottles and toys. And there is even a photograph of what the bag and the changing pad look like in an airplane bathroom. Now that’s dedication to your craft! And at only $89! (only!) it seems like an amazing bargain.


  1. That is a cute bag. Though I have to say, when I first started reading your post, I was getting excited at the idea of sharing with you my diaper bag. It’s not handmade, but it is very functional and cool. So much so that I’ve started using it again as my every day bag, despite the fact that MrMan has outgrown diapers. One of things I loved about it as a diaper bag is that it was very streamlined. I’m not sure parents really need all that stuff they/we carry. My bag is appropriately named Essentials. Check it out for inspiration: http://www.amazon.com/JJ-Cole-Essentials-Backpack-Diaper/dp/B0002ZA27Y

    shokufeh on Mar 8, 09:53 pm

  2. I got a diaper bag that seemed really cool and necessary at the time, but then I ended up needing something more like a backpack since we do/did a lot of babywearing. I reused my basic red Jansport that I’ve had since high school. Durable and gets the job done, but I definitely would make some design changes if it were to be a diaper backpack.

    lacey on Mar 9, 03:42 pm

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