30 December 08

2008 Resolutions

Ugh. The year-end review. Too unwilling to even go back and look at what I wrote I would do, because I know I didn’t do most of what I wanted to do. And I may have saved the post in draft mode, so no use digging through my archives looking for it.

But the one thing I did swear I would do, because January and early February for three years in a row were so awful, I did actually accomplish. I kept up with my bookkeeping goal. Every two weeks, I would sit down and enter my receipts, my sales, balance my checkbook/paypal account. It sucked. I hated doing it, but now all I have to do is fill out my sales tax form, write a check to the state of Illinois, and print out my totals for my bookkeeping categories to turn over to my accountant. So all those 15-minutes of annoyance add up to knowing that I’m 30 minutes away from being done with my year-end bookkeeping. For the first year since I started a business, it’s going to take me longer to get my personal info together than my biz info for tax filing.

So, while annoying, my discipline paid off and now I’ll get to reap the rewards. I’m thrilled and delighted by myself right now. And that, my friend, is a priceless, priceless feeling. Hopefully this feeling keeps me on track for 2009 bookkeeping, cause I think two years in a row makes it a habit.


  1. yay you! that is awesome, dude. and also do you think your accountant would take new clients in january? :)

    carolyn on Dec 31, 07:31 am

  2. Congratulations! This is a great accomplishment.

    EricaLucci on Jan 2, 12:33 pm

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