16 September 08

Lil' Circles Bag for Sale

Lil' Circles

Lil’ Circles Bag now for sale.

There is still some bag making going on over here. I actually have quite a few bags to upload to the shop. And tomorrow night I get to go to Northbrook, IL to the UPS depot to pick up a birthday present that was bought by the coolest woman I know who isn’t my mom. (The gift actually arrived a long time ago, but a snafu in delivery resulted in some breakage which required an exchange complete with expected shipping snafus. Thanks for knowing when my birthday was Murphy. You’re awesome.)

This incredibly thoughtful gift will make adding items to my shop so much easier. It will make the pictures so much better. And it will result in a much larger shop. Which works for you, too, really.


  1. Damn it…now I want this bag too!! Damn you for making good stuff!!

    Amy on Sep 17, 06:10 am

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