01 September 08

The Isabelle School Bag

Isabelle's School Satchel

Not only is this bag good for stylish and precocious 5-year-olds, it could also be good for you, too. If you think so, then head on over to The Shoppe and make a purchase.

This will be a fairly limited run, solely because the fabric is vintage and once its gone, its gone.

Here is the official description and story behind the bag:
What happens when you give a very stylish five-year-old access to your entire fabric stash? She picks out the 100-year-old crushed velvet made from a small textile company in Ohio that you bought at a flea market. And I’m glad she did. I’d been meaning to make something but wasn’t sure what. With the help of Isabelle, I created this bag for her to carry her crayons, paste, and construction paper to school. But it is such a stylish bag that I think you’ll like it too. This cotton velvet patterned fabric combines a rich blue and gray to show of the thickly napped fabric. The lining is solid gray, the webbing is solid silver, and the hardware is powder-coated charcoal gray metal. One silver magnetic snap is used to keep the flap closed. Inside the bag is a 7“x5” zippered pocket that will keep a few things safe and easy to grab. The overall bag dimensions are 12” wide x 12” high x 3” deep. The strap is adjustable and you’ll be asked if you’re short, average, or tall once the order is placed. The bag can be brushed clean or dry cleaned. It is lightly interfaced so it will keep its shape while hanging on the body, but it will not stand up on its own.

The price is $50 ($4.50 for shipping, tax if you’re in Illinois).


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