08 June 08

A coupla links

I usually just link to things I like in my Del.icio.us feed (which you can see at the bottom of this page) but decided that I needed to extrapolate on a few things a bit more.

Sewing Room Ergonomics
About a year ago I started redoing my sewing room because the layout just wasn’t working for me at all. The table I was using for cutting and sewing was too low for cutting and too high for sewing. There wasn’t enough storage and I just wasn’t happy with the layout. So I spent a lot of time researching how to make a sewing room ergonomic and found lots of little bits of info, but nothing cohesive. And what I have now works, and I need to tidy up so I can feel comfortable taking pictures and showing it off to the internet world. But thankfully Lemon
Tree Tales
posted a very cohesive and concise explanation of how to set up your cutting table and sewing table. So if you’re thinking of redoing your sewing setup, read this first. You just might be surprised with what you find out.

Pricing your work
Oh, howdy is this a rough subject. So hard to make the best decision, so hard to justify raising your prices. So hard to figure all this out. Well, Oh Boyd Enterprises has a great piece about doing just that. It’s intense and long so you may want to read it so you can take notes and refer to it later when you’re pricing your next piece. My favorite section title? “You are a business person – In Fact, you are a miniature factory.” Good things to remember. Good things indeed.


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